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We recommend Mattei air compressors because they have the lowest operating and maintenance costs with unrivalled energy efficiency. The machines deliver high-quality air, continuous operation and are ideal for base-load demand. JDS Compressors Limited are authorised Mattei Compressor Distributors for the UK.

Mattei Air Compressor Repairs & Servicing

Our years of experience means that we can normally complete the majority of Mattei air compressor repairs for you. This experience ensures we are able to reduce the effect of faults, breakdowns and other compressed air problems reducing outages and downtimes.

Having your air compressors regularly serviced is vital to ensure your compressed air systems are efficiently delivering high-quality air, reliably. When a compressed air system is poorly maintained, the compressor will often waste energy trying to overcome pressure drops which can allow water to get into your pipework and contaminate equipment.

We offer Mattei air compressor repairs and servicing in Surrey, Berkshire, London, Hampshire, Oxfordshire and surrounding areas in the UK.

Range of Mattei Air Compressors

mattei air compressors surrey

Mattei Maxima

Superior-performance MAXIMA is ideal for manufacturing applications needing constant, medium-to-large volumes of high-quality compressed air. Producing compressed air could be your plant’s biggest energy expense; MAXIMA helps you significantly reduce it.

mattei air compressors surrey

Mattei Optima

High-performance OPTIMA is ideal for industrial applications where the volume of compressed air you need fluctuates. Rotary-vane compressor technology delivers around 90% mechanical-efficiency air production even when OPTIMA runs slower to meet lower demand. It cuts energy costs by up to 35% versus a fixed-speed compressor.

mattei air compressors surrey

Mattei Air Centre

High-performance, self-contained AIR CENTRE is ideal for all industrial applications. Rotary-vane compressor technology – with four-pole, direct-coupled motors turning at just 1,500rpm – slashes electricity use compared to other compressors.

mattei air compressors surrey

Mattei Classic

High-performance, robust CLASSIC is ideal for industrial applications where noise levels aren’t critical. Without a sound-suppressing canopy, it offers a lower purchase price and more compact profile. Rotary-vane compressor technology reduces electricity use and maintenance costs compared to other rotary compressors.

mattei air compressors surrey

Mattei BLADE

Quiet and compact, BLADE rotary-vane workshop air-compressors are ideal for your small, medium-sized or artisan business. BLADE compressors deliver high-quality compressed air and low running costs, all at a great-value purchase price.


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