Compressed Air Pipework Surrey, Berkshire, London

JDS Compressors Limited can provide free consultation on Compressed Air Systems and design the necessary pipework suitable for your property.

We offer many types of pipework, all in compliance with the latest health and safety pressure regulations.

Whichever pipework system is best for your compressed air application, our team is fully trained with many years of experience as air compressor installers. They can complete the pipework installation no matter how big or small.

All types of pipework undertaken, we can supply labour only or full installations including supply of materials.

Here’s some projects we have done:

compressed air pipework surrey
compressed air pipework surrey
compressed air pipework surrey

Air Compressor Leak Detection

air compressor leak detection surrey

Reduce the energy your compressed air systems use and wastes while maximising your return on investment. With air compressor leak detection, you can save up to 30% of the air produced by the average air-compressor system, which is lost to leaks.

Consider this: with a 40m³/min (1,412cfm) system, you could be wasting around £50,000 per year on electricity. Or even more. If it’s nitrogen, oxygen or CO2 you’re compressing, the cost of each m³ lost would be much higher, which is why people call us to complete air compressor leak detection in Surrey, Berkshire, London and surrounding counties.

Our air compressor leak detection surveys routinely reveal individual leaks wasting hundreds of pounds per day, and we can also offer the repairs for those leaks that we find. Our air compressor repairs service has a very quick turnaround, meaning it pays to act fast.

Typically, air compressor leak detection and management provide a 100% return on investment in less than six months. That’s faster than system optimisation (which typically pays for itself within 12 months), motor controls such as inverters (typically two to three years), or improved system design (typically up to three years and more). And the cost savings roll on from year to year, yielding a typical total ROI of 800%.

If you are interested in our leak detection services, contact us today for a quotation


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